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Financial Support

While we have an open-door policy, we follow a participatory model which makes it imperative that everyone who attends our services give a financial donation. This the only way we will be able to continue to offer and invite you to attend them. Due to current circumstances and drastic increases in our operating expenses, we kindly ask you to please increase your donation to our organization. Our expenses include rental, musicians, singers, dancers, security, sound, computer and web work, printing, telephone, insurance, secretarial, advertising and promotion, assorted staff, food, storage, movers, pulpit curtains, postage, bookkeeping, accounting and many other costs. However, as the years go by it has become increasingly more difficult to pay for these services. All these costs require your commitment. We depend on the generosity of everyone who attends.

We ask that people who are financially blessed to please respond at higher levels of giving. Synagogues in the United States are not supported by the government and so they must be self-sustaining. Congregations depend on membership commitments/dues and in addition, upon Yom Kippur contributions. As a member of our family, you have the responsibility to please see that your financial gift is an appropriate one. This is the only way we continue to do what we do. Please do not disappoint us. Start the new year in the spirit of giving with an open hand and heart. When you arrive at any of the services, you will have the opportunity to join our mailing list and express your spirit of generosity and gratitude.



“…I came from a no-background Jewish background. At most, it meant to me lox and bagels. But I see what I have missed all these years…”

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